Hussein El Gebali
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  Artist Biography
Hussein El Gebali

·   Born in 1934 in Giza.

·   Diploma of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo in 1958.

·   Diploma of the Higher Institute for Artistic Education in 1959.

·   Studies in the Faculty of Education in Ein –Shams University in 1964.

·   He optioned a Scholarship from the Italian Government for three years from 1965 to 1968.

·   He optioned the diploma of specialization in Lithography from the state Institute for Fine Arts and book Drawing Urbino in Italy 1967.

·   A scientific mession from the Netherlands Government to study Lithograph Arts and Printing with the Silk Screen for nine months in 1976.

·   An Invitation from U.S.A Government to spend a mouth to visit the ateliers, Laboratories and special academies in Graphic Arts in 1980.

·   He worked as a professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria, Minya and Leonard DA Vincy Institute.

·   He supervised many artistic those in Helwan, and Minya Universities. He participated in the PHD and MA assertions in the above mentioned Universities as well Academy of Arts.

·   Professor and President of Graphic Arts Department- Faculty of Fine Arts – in Cairo- University of Helwan.

·   President of Syndicate of Plastic arts in Egypt.

·   President of the National Association of Contemporary Egyptian Graphic Arts with Egyptian and Foreign Artistes.


He participated in Egypt and abroad in exposition including: 

·   The Expositions of the High-Dam, Cairo- 1964.

·   Gallery San- Fidel, Milano in the Italy- 1966.

·   Municipality, Fano in Italy –1966.

·   Gallery Rappel, Uropino in Italy-1966.

·   Exposition of Young Artistes, Fano in Italy- 1966.

·   Gallery of the place of Paraparini, Rome in Italy-1971.

·   Gallery of Cairo Atelier, Cairo in Egypt- 1975.

·   Gallery of the Cultural Center for the Arabic and Italian Cop., Rome in Italy - 1976.

·   Gallery of the Under Arcs, Ancona in Italy-1976.

·   Gallery of Faset, Amsterdam in Netherlands-1976.

·   Gallery of Foreign Diplomats, Cairo in Egypt- 1977.

·   Gallery of the German Cultural Center “ Goete”, Cairo in Egypt-1977.

·   Gallery of the Avalotiny, Fano in Italy-1977.

·   Salon of Madam Aida, Cairo- 1978.

·   Akhenaton Gallery, Cairo in Egypt- 1979.

·   The Egyptian Gallery, Cairo in Egypt- 1980.

·   Gallery of the Faculty of the Fine Arts, Cairo in Egypt-1981.

·   Gallery of the Italian Center, Cairo-1983.

·   Gallery of the Golf Hotel, Doha in Qatar – 1984.

·   Municipality Gallery, Fano in Italy-1984.

·   Gallery of the Governorate in al Wadi El Gadid, Egypt- 1984.

·   Gallery of the Mass Cultural, Assiut in Egypt- 1984.

·   Akhenaton Gallery, Cairo in Egypt- 1985.

·   Sheraton Hotel, Cairo in Egypt- 1986.

·   Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo in – 1987.

·   Arabisk Gallery, Cairo in Egypt-1991.

·   Akhenaton Gallery, Cairo in Egypt-1991.

·   Institute Francese Gallery, Cairo- 1992.

·   Extra Gallery, Cairo- 1993.

·   Academy of Egypt in Rome- 1996.


Artistic Activities:

·   He participated in the artistic Movement since 1960 till now.

·   He participated in many artistic expositions such as :

·   Association of Fine Arts Lovers.

·   Association of fine Arts Graduates – Artistic Education Institutes, League.

·   Association of Cairo Atelier.

·   Association of the contemporary Graphic Arts.


Special Collections:

·   Museum of Modern Art, Cairo.

·   Ministry of Tourism, Cairo.

·   Museum of Morgant, Fano.

·   Museum of non-Alignes States States, Yougoslavia.

·   Museum of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Cairo.

·   The Egyptian Academy, Rome.

·   Gothe Institute, Cairo.

·   The Cultural Center for International Cop., Cairo.

·   Cairo Ministry of Tourism, Qatar.

·   Ministry of Cultural, Qatar.

·   Museum of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Minia.

·   The British Museum.

·   Iraqi Ministry of Cultural, Iraq.

·   Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cairo.

·   The Egyptian Opera House, Cairo.

·   Complex of Conferences Halls, Cairo & Some Great Hotels.


Private Collections:

·   Italy, Switzerland, USA, Yougoslavia, Netherlands, Japan, Germany, France,

·   Spain, Poland, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraqi,United Arab Emirates, U.K, Norway, Egypt, Saudi Arabia.

·   Articles Written about him in daily newspapers & Magazines in Italy, Egypt,

·   Yugoslavia, Japan, Qatar, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, USA, U.K & Iraqi.

·   Also some encyclopedias wrote about him include the French Encyclopedia “LAROSSE”, The Egyptian Salient Characters in Egypt.



·   The Silver Medal from the Organization of Activating Tourism, Anacin in Italy-1976.

·   Second Prize from Biennial of Alexandria, Egypt-1977.

·   The Prize of the Collection from Organization of Activating Tourism, Alexandria Egypt- 1978.

·   The State Prize for Encouraging Arts in 1979.

·   Medal of Arts & Sciences, First Grade, Egypt -1979.

·   The Prize Collection for Biennial Lubjliana- 1987.

·   The Second Prize in Biennial of Graphic Arts on Wood Cut in Czechoslovakia – 1991.

·   The Golden Medal in the Trinali of Fredrick, Stad- 1989.

·   He optioned many Diplomas & Certificates of appreciation.

·   He was chosen to be a member in the international committee of Arbitration for the Biennial of Ukraine-1991.

·   He optioned the Triennial Prize of Cairo 1993 1.g medal.


He participated in the following International Biennials:

·   Biennial Abitha for young People, Spain-1968/1970.

·   Biennial of Sports, Madrid in Spain- 1969/71/1979.

·   Biennial of Graphic Arts, Lujbjliana in Yugoslavia-69/87/91/1998.

·   Biennial of Original Drawing, Rieka in Yugoslavia-1970/1974.

·   Biennial of Alexandria, Alexandria in Egypt –1970/74/1978.

·   Biennial of the Second & Third Graphic Arts, Buenos Aires in Argentina-1970/1972.

·   Biennial of Graphic Arts, Florence in Italy-1972/1976.

·   Biennial of Sasso Ferato, Italy-1972/74/76/1978.

·   The First Biennial for Plastic Arts, Monaco-1974.

·   The First Arabic Biennial for Graphic Arts, Iraqi Cultural Center, London in United Kingdom & Baghdad in Iraqi –1978.

·   Biennial of Venice, Venice in Italy –1984.

·   Biennial of Fredrick-Stad Norway – 1982/84/89/1992.

·   The First & Second Festival for plastic Arts, Baghdad in Iraqi –1985/1987.

·   Biennial of Karakouv, Poland 1984/86/1988.

·   Biennial of Saopulo, Brazil-1989.

·   Biennial of Havana, Cuba-1989.

·   Biennial of Impriza, Ukrainian USSR-1989.

·   Biennial of Ljubjliana in Japan which was exposed in Japanese Museums for two years, Japan –1989/1990.

·   Biennial of Chamalier, France-1989/1991.

·   Second Biennial of Cairo in Egypt-1987.

·   The Eleventh Biennial for Graphic Arts on Wood, Slovakia in Czechoslovakia-1991.

·    Biennial of Cairo-1994.

·   Triennial of Karakov-1994.

·   Triennial of Graphics Cairo-1993.

·   Biennial of Capes in Brazil.