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From: 15-6-2007 To: 30-9-2007

Born in Dairout, Middle Egypt, in 1941, Farghali Abdel Hafiz is a graduate of the Institute of Art Education and the Academy of Fine Art in Florence. He was elected in 1989 as Dean of the Faculty of Art Education until 1994, and ever since he has continued to teach as a Faculty Professor.

Farghali's work is mainly rooted in his identification with his environment. His studio in Dahshour, one of the most historical sites in Egypt, provides him a sanctuary of peace and spirituality that can be seen and felt in his paintings.

Throughout his outstanding career, Farghali explored various styles and approaches to paint. His brushstrokes always typically spontaneous - sampling his own bold and daring personality- and his choice of colors is always developing and expanding. He experimented with different media such as oil, watercolour, pencils, acrylics, corn stalk, sand, mud, clay and metals. A multi-faceted and versatile artist, Farghali Abdel Hafiz's work has never ceased to beguile and excite.

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