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From: 15-6-2007 To: 30-9-2007
Adam Henein

Adam Henein in Cairo in 1929. He received his Diploma from the Academy of Fine Art, in Cairo, in 1953.

Henein quickly found fame as a sculptor first in Cairo then in the Middle East.

He received Luxor Prize in sculpture from 1954-56. After moving to Paris in 1971, he seriously started to explore the possibilities of paint. His first Parisian works (small formats on papyrus) were composed in a symbolic, hieroglyphic language, which bore witness to his ancestral heritage. His forms became progressively more open, bold and full of reference to his sculpture by virtue of their geometric juxtaposition of earth colors, animated, by lively yet subdued tonality accentuated by the third dimension of the papyrus.

Henein is the founder and Director of the annual International Sculpture Symposium in Aswan, the position for which he is known internationally. In fact, it is for his work in sculpture that he became recognized as an artist and considered the Godfather, of Egyptian sculpture.

Henein draws on his vast international experience, while maintaining a local cachet. Pyramids, pharaonic kings and sections of hieroglyphs appear in his work , reminding us constantly of Henein's Egyptian identity.

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