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From: 15-6-2007 To: 30-9-2007
Salah Taher
Salah Taher obtained his Art degree at the Academy of Fine Arts-Cairo,1934- , where he started his career, and became a Lecturer at the same Academy until 1954.Taher, a prolific Artist, is also well known for his past contribution, as an Art administrator, and a philosopher of Art. He is he recipient of several important awards such as the "Highest State Award" 1974, the First Prize Biennial Alexandria' 1996, and the "Guggenheim Foundation Award". Although Taher's background is well rooted in academic paintings, his concern for color has led to his liberation from traditional values: his Art style has moved from Realistic, to figurative symbolism, and finally to Abstraction, where he achieved his greatest acclaim... The distinctive feature of Taher's art remains his mastery of working with bold colors and use of different tools especially, the hard tools such as the knife that he uses to spread transparent coats of diluted paint.
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