Panorama of Egyptian Sculpture

From: 18-10-2009 To: 4-11-2009

Ahmad Karaly

Born in 1971, Ahmad Karaly, a talented and prolific young artist has participated in many collective exhibitions locally and internationally. On the local scene, he took part in the National, the Youth Salon and the Miniature Salon, exhibitions, since 1994. Moreover he participated in Private Gallery exhibitions and was a solo exhibitor in Mashrabiya and El Guezira Fine Art Center in 2004 and 2008 respectively.

Karaly was a participant in several workshops and International Symposia such as the Aswan Symposium, where he took part in 2000, 2001, 2005 and 2008. He also was invited to take part in the Istanbul Sculpture Symposium, the Bahrain International Symposium and the Pensa Symposium in Russia. Karaly was selected through a juried process to participate in the Schoodic International Symposium, a Biennale cultural event that brings together artists, visitors and communities to create a Public Sculpture Collection in Eastern Maine (U.S.A), where the media used is Granite, one of Maine's natural resources.

Karaly is a versatile artist who can work with different material. He uses Bronze, Basalt, iron, travertine, onyx and alabaster. At some instances he might mix material in one work. Karaly's versatility is also apparent in the subject matter he tackles. In fact he has sculpted figures, portraits, animals, insects and lately a series of "Gates". A collection of structures influenced by oriental art, to which he has added a modern vision.

Karaly was recognized nationally through several awards and sponsorships. The latest in 2008, where he obtained a one year sponsorship granted by the ministry of Culture followed by the prestigious National Award of Creativity.

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