Zamalek Art Gallery is not only a seasoned exhibition space, but a cultural hub that aims to fuel and nurture the arts and culture of Egypt all over the country. These are events that we hold, participate in, sponsor or support outside our gallery.

Four Seasons San Stefano Alexandria Collective Exhibition for 11 artists The Alexandria Seasons 24-04-2019
Library of Alexandria Futuristic Nostalgia Group Alexandria 3000 14-10-2018
Farghali Abdel Hafiz Charity Exhibition 03-06-2016
Ofok Gallery Ayman El Semary My country has a River 03-06-2015
Guezira Art Center Farghali Abdel Hafiz Generational Continuity 05-01-2014
Kempinski Nile Hotel Abdel Wahab Abdel Mohsen Mirrors 18-09-2012
Kempinski Nile Hotel Anas Alousi ANAS ALOUSI'S Exhibition 27-03-2012
Kempinski Nile Hotel Ayman El Semary Ayman El Semary's exhibition 03-01-2012
Kempinski Nile Hotel Emad Ibrahim Emad Ibrahim's exhibition 18-10-2011
Kempinski Nile Hotel Sameh Ismail Sameh Ismail's exhibition 22-08-2011
Kempinski Nile Hotel Khaled Sorour Khaled Sorour's Exhibition 05-07-2011