Mohamed Abla
Mohamad Abla

Born in Mansoura-Egypt, Abla spent 7 years in Europe, after graduating from the faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria. In fact his continuous traveling,  has given him a broad exposure to the international art scene, and a chance to study and exhibit in European galleries.

 Abla’s work has focused mainly on graphics and oil painting. He  is the recipient of many prestigious awards in Egypt and abroad; in 1977 he won   the Grand prize at the Alexandria Biennale …

Abla’s current working space is on an island in the Nile. It provides a quiet oasis and main source of inspiration. The Nile and the environment being prevailing themes in Abla’s art, whether graphics, installation or oil paintings.


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  Artist Biography

1953 Born in Belqas, Mansoura.

1973 Joined Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria

1977 Graduated from the Faculty (Painting Section) First Prize in First Solo Exhibition at the Spanish Cultural Center Cairo.

1978 Beginning of Art and Scholastic trip in Europe.

1979 First Solo Exhibition at “Hohmann Gallery”.

         Walsrode, Germany.

1981 Studied Graphics and Sculpture in Zurich, Switzerland.

1982 Long Visit to Austria (Studied graphic).

1985 First Prize “Cairo Seen by Artists’’.

1987 CMS Basel Scholarship,Switzerland.

1989 Exhibition at “Gallery Ewat’’, Lewarden, Holland.

1991 Exhibition at Art Hall Orebro-Sweden,

         Egyptian Academy, Rome.

1992 Exhibition for the Opening of Gallery Cairo-Berlin.

1993 Graphic Exhibition at the A.U.C in Cairo.

         “Grenchan Graphic Triennials” Switzerland.

          Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo.

1994 Erection of Sisyphus statue, at Walsrode

          Heitland Scholarship Lamspring, Germany.

1995 Video Exhibition El Hanager Cairo.

          Mashrabia Gallery,Cairo.

1996 Cairo Biennial – adjoined work.

          First Prize Biennial Kuwait –Gallery Hahmann, Hamburg.

1997 Grand Prize Biennial of Alexandria.

1998 Exhibition “The Nile’’ at Goethe Institute Cairo.

1998 Visit to the Vermont Center, USA.

1998  21st October, “Musafirkhan” atelier on fire.

1999  Gallery Arabesque, Scenes from Vermont.

2002  Zamalek Art Gallery, “Conviviality..The Nile & the Trees”,Cairo.

2004  Zamalek Art Gallery, “Cairo…Portraits of a City”, Cairo.

2005  Zamalek Art Gallery, “Nostalgia”, Cairo.

2005  Group Exhibition, The British Museum, London.

2006 Professor at International Art Academy, Salzburg, Austria.

2006 30 years of his art, Gallery Hohman , Germany. 


Abla's artwork was included & Sold in Christie's auctions